How To Take Perfect Pictures Of Your Auction Inventory

As more and more auction companies shift to the digital landscape, it’s becoming easier for companies to showcase their inventory before an event. Auction companies can upload their entire inventory and a description to their website, allowing potential buyers to learn about items prior to an auction. However, for some items, a description is not enough to completely sell a bidder to attend an event, and this is where pictures come into play.

As online auctions emerge, pictures of your auction items is what remote bidders look at prior to placing a bid. Although it may seem easy to take a quick picture and upload it to your website, the quality of the photo really matters to include all the small details of your auction items.

At InnovA, we offer an auction management software to help your company better manage your online auctions. When hosting online auctions, we understand how important it is to provide your potential buyers with high quality photos of your auction items, and are here to help. Below are some tips on how to take the perfect pictures of your auction inventory!

High-quality images

When you are taking pictures of your auction inventory, it’s so important that you are using a high-quality camera that will be able to capture every aspect of your items. Nowadays, newer smartphones come with great camera quality, and can work when you don’t have a higher resolution camera on hand.
When using a smartphone, make sure to set your focus by tapping the screen, take horizontal images to give a wide view of your product, and always to give your lense a good cleaning before.

Use lighting to your advantage

When you take pictures of your auction items, it’s best to use a light box for smaller items, as well as minimize the amount of shadows you get in the shot. Try to also avoid any glares to keep your photos as high quality as possible. Also, try not to take any photos in front of windows!

Utilize a good background

Using a plain white background when taking photos of your auctions items will help your potential buyers better visualize your auction items. A solid background takes away distractions and puts a greater focus on the item itself!

Shoot multiple angles

Lastly, it’s important that you are taking photos from every angle. Although some items won’t need every angle posted to the website, it does help you find the perfect picture you want, as well as give much needed information for larger items!

As the online auction market continues to grow, it’s important that auction companies are providing their buyers with quality images of their inventory. A high quality photo of your auction item could be the difference maker of receiving a higher bid!

At InnovA, our auction management software allows auction companies to utilize their website to create more opportunities for their business. If you are interested in learning more about our auction management software, please visit our website.