InnovA is an expert in auction technology. Our service is reliable, so you can focus on your auction business without worrying about technology failing you and your customers. We can do the heavy lifting to give you peace of mind during all phases of an auction. 

Your white-label auction platform puts the focus on your brand. Receive invoices, make payments and release tickets from a single portal.

SaaS Technology

The first SaaS platform that allows the full management of all internal and external business operations within the auction industry.

InnovA’s service provides an exclusive back-office inventory management solution that is both flexible and data-driven.  Traditional online auctions operate using a “marketplace” approach in which auction owners do not have complete control over their business data and their brand. For customers seeking a different approach, however, InnovA offers a white label approach that gives users exclusive control over their brand, their auction experience, and all data related to their auctions and inventory.

Included with Back Office Subscription

Auction owners receive their own company-branded website and access to InnovA’s platform to sell inventory via retail, virtual auctions, online auction and, if desired, via third-party marketplaces. InnovA’s proprietary service is configurable to give auction companies ownership over their inventory and account management, equipment valuations and sales and release processes. Auction owners can process more inventory and grow their hammer without having to expand their staff or overhead and reduce post-auction arbitration.

Data Protection Services

Privacy Trust
Provides services for Privacy Shield, Standard Contractual Clauses, CCPA, and GDPR. We provide clients with strong, relevant, and effective data protection solutions, combining experience, deep knowledge, and software.

Cloud Hosting

Microsoft Azure
Provides the reliable, managed infrastructure that is secure and scalable.

Inspection App

Custom inspection templates for every product family enable users to create detailed descriptions for every item for sale. Improved descriptions build buyer trust. Data points within the inspection templates will create analytics for better decision making.

US & International Address Verification

Smarty Streets
The fastest and most accurate address lookup verification, bulk address validation, and address validation APIs on the planet. Makes cleaning large worldwide address data sets a painless process.

Text Notifications

Provides a simple entry point into the telephony world, and helps your business avoid many of the traditional complexities. Developers can quickly get worldwide connectivity by interacting with Twilio using common internet protocols and simple markup.

Email Notifications

Send Grid
Rather than setting up your own email server for sending email with your apps, we use SendGrid to do the hard work for us. It also decreases the chance of email ending up in spam since it is a known trustworthy service.

VIN Decoder

Data One
After searching a VIN, you’ll see the build plant and country for the vehicle.

Data Analytics Reporting – Native

Power BI
Turn your data into a competitive advantage by using Power BI and Azure together to connect, combine, and analyze your entire data estate.

Expert Consulting

Our auction consultants will listen and evaluate your business from the ground up, helping to guide you through running the most state-of-the-art streamlined auction business. Because we have decades of experience in the auction industry, our services help lower operational costs, enhance auction management workflows and processes, and increase revenues.

Our process to efficiency begins with an initial discovery session with key leaders in your company. We will listen, evaluate, strategize, organize, and help implement multi-stage auction plans to help you reduce costs and scale your company.

To get started, schedule a demo.

Additional Partner Services

(Additional fees apply)

Tax Automation

Avalara AvaTax
Our innovative, cloud-based sales tax calculation program, AvaTax, determines and calculates the latest rates based on location, item, legislative changes, regulations, and more.

Accounting IIF Import

Intuit / QuickBooks
Desktop uses to import or export lists or transactions. These files make it easier to transfer data to and from different platforms to better manage company records in QuickBooks.

Included with Website – Online Auction

(All services from back office, plus services listed below)

Registration – Advanced Fraud Protection
The Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS) helps identify, manage, and prevent suspicious and potentially fraudulent transactions, which can be costly.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of web data to understand and optimize web usage.

Optional Partner Services – Website – Online Auction

(Additional fees apply)

App Services

Create powerful web and mobile applications and automate workflows easily and quickly without coding with Appy Pie’s no-code development and workflow automation platform.

Payment Processor

Card Connect
Credit card processing partner that establishes new accounts that integrate with InnovA Technologies software platform.

Trusted gateway partner for accepting credit card payments.

Financial Service

Equify Financial
Hands-on lender. We will meet with you in person, on-location, and maintain an open line of communication to maintain a long-term relationship with all our clients. Equify Financial focuses on having a clear understanding of the future liquidation value of the underlying asset relative to loan exposure, ensuring that the borrower is maintaining a comfortable asset collateral coverage.

Premium Data Analytics

Power BI
Turn your data into a competitive advantage by using Power BI and Azure together to connect, combine, and analyze your entire data estate.

Why InnovA?

  • Experts who can help you gain control of your business.
  • Premier auction technology for a better customer experience.
  • SaaS platform that replaces outdated, failing systems.
  • Local service with premier consultants dedicated to your business success.
  • Data capture abilities for proactive customer engagement and marketing
  • A future-proof business model for modern times.
  • Technology partners invested in your company’s growth.
  • Culture of accountability and reliability.