About Us

InnovA company culture is guided by accountability and respect for the customer and each other. We take pride in listening to your challenges. Our professionals are committed to turning problems into opportunities that extend the success of your auction company long into the future. 

Rooted in Culture

Meet Our Team

Jodi Amaya

Executive Vice President

Jodi Amaya, auctioneer since 2008, worked her first auction thirty-five years ago in the local high school parking lot. Ever since then, Jodi had a vision for an all-in-one solution and auction platform that could enable companies who manage and sell inventory to gain their brand independence by retaining their customer and inventory data to build their own marketplace. Her passion and vision stem from her desire to help people succeed.

“Having spent over 30 years in the auction industry, I’ve experienced the pain point of lacking the tools needed to upsize a business. At InnovA, we saw the value of providing a service that was once limited to larger auction companies with larger budgets, InnovA offers the best-in-class technology to run a company efficiently and maximize existing staff to be competitive in the auction space. We combine our background and passion for the auction industry to be a trusted partner of our clients.”

Pat Hoiby


Mr. Hoiby serves as CEO of InnovA Technologies and has more than 25 years of experience in the equipment finance industry. He holds a B.S. in Political Science and Business Administration from Texas A&M University. His experience includes operations, marketing, sales, auction sales, sales management. Mr. Hoiby is also the active President of Equify Financial, LLC. In 2020, working alongside Jodi Amaya, Pat saw the vision Jodi had and decided this was another venture worth pursuing. He recognized that gap in the industry and saw a problem that InnovA could solve. In 2021, he along with the Board of Directors gave the green light to bring the vision of InnovA to life.

Nathan Staub

President & CTO

Nathan joined InnovA Technologies in August 2023 as the company entered a new phase of business growth. Armed with a passion for solving business problems, Nathan is a lifelong technologist skilled in implementing pragmatic digital solutions. His background ranges from leading tech operations and strategy for start-ups to directing large technology teams within Fortune 10 enterprises. Born and raised in North Texas, he earned a bachelor’s degree from Liberty University and an M.B.A. from West Texas A&M. Nathan has been married to his wife Kelly for over 20 years and is an avid sports fan. He spends most weekends cheering on his two sons who play soccer and baseball, as well as rooting for the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers.