Post-Auction Management Made Easy

Auction events are very time-consuming and can become hectic. For auction companies, work is not done once the last item is sold. Post-auction management is a process that can take auction companies a significant amount of time. With the right online auction manager tools, you can start saving time and preparing for your next event!

Below, we go over ways an auction management software can make an easier and more efficient post-auction management process.

Here are some ways a quality online auction manager software can help your company save time and create better efficiencies during the post-auction process.

Easy payments

Once an auction customer wins a bid, a payment is needed. Luckily, with the right auction management tools, your company can make this easier for both you and your customers. When registering for an auction, customers are able to add credit cards or other payment methods to their account, which creates an easy and efficient payment process once they win a bid. This also can cut down the time your company spends on the phone trying to gather this information post-auction.

Work orders

During an auction, there are many items an auction company must keep track of. This is why auction companies create work orders to keep all of this information organized throughout the entire auction process. With an effective online auction manager system, auction companies are able to easily create work orders for every inventory item, in which they can track and view all bids and offers. This helps reduce the amount of work you have to do once that item is sold.

Once an item is sold, that work order is then sent to the winning bidder automatically. The customer would then download their invoice and call you with any question they may have. Although you may have to answer some questions, especially for new auction customers, this will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on the phone by providing your customers with the information they need.

Accounting entries

Once inventory is sold, auction companies are then tasked with creating invoices for accounting purposes. With an online auction manager, this can become an automated process that takes significantly less time than traditional methods. Instead of going in and manually creating these invoices and other documents, it can be done in no time!

Pickup information

Lastly, when a customer wins a bid, it’s then their responsibility to take their auction items home with them. Instead of having to call every bid winner and tell them when and where they can pick up their items, an effective software will do it for you! This provides your customers with the information they need and gives you more time to wrap up your other post-auction tasks that need to be done.

With the right system in place, you can begin saving time post-auction, and start focusing on your next event. Contact one of our specialists today to learn more about InnovA’s services.