Why You Should Choose InnovA: Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of why you should choose InnovA! If you haven’t checked out our Part 1 post on how our back-end auction management software can benefit your business, you can do so here.

As the auction industry continues to be shaped by the use of technology, auction websites are more important than ever. Not only a functioning website, but a well-designed website that is easy for your users to use. On top of that, how you market your event can be the difference of hundreds of bidders.

At InnovA, we offer auction management software to help ease the workload of auction companies and ultimately help you save money! Part of our auction management software includes marketing and website development and design services. Both of these are essential in gaining an advantage over your competitors, and with the help of InnovA, you will do just that. Below, we explain why you should choose InnovA for your marketing and auction website needs!


Marketing has seen a huge shift to the digital world, just like the auction industry has, and in turn digital marketing is growing by the day. However, many businesses lack the knowledge of a successful digital marketing campaign. When you think of digital marketing, you probably just think of social media like Facebook or Twitter. However, there is so much more involved than just social media marketing.

With the help of InnovA, you will be able to develop a digital marketing strategy that is right for your company. We focus on growing your brand through social media, while also promoting your website to be seen by as many people as we can through SEO (search engine optimization).

Our approach uses traditional marketing strategies mixed with new-age approaches to develop a consistent plan designed solely for your company. We incorporate social media in all we do, afterall, who doesn’t have Facebook nowadays? Our digital marketing assistance will turn your headache into successful marketing!


As part of our marketing services, we also have a team who can help you develop and design the perfect website that matches your brand. Designing a website takes a lot of time, and hiring a company that knows what they are doing is a great and efficient way to change up your website.

Our team is also capable of connecting your auction inventory from your website directly to your social media, which ultimately will bring more traffic to your website. Whether you have a new item you want to promote, or an entire auto auction, you will be only a couple clicks away from sharing it with all of your followers.

Our team is ready to help your company’s voice be heard. We have a relentless commitment to outstanding customer service with our 2-hour average response time. We Love to Deliver, and our business is good. Consider InnovA for all of your auction website and marketing needs!

Our goal at InnovA is to help your business grow and reach your goals. If you are wanting to learn more about our auction management software, or would like to request a free demo, be sure to check out our website today!