How An Auction Management Software Can Save You Time And Money

The auction industry has seen significant changes and growth over recent years. With the innovation of technology and a shift to the digital world, online auctions are taking over. The old ways of doing things aren’t the only way to do things now, and auction companies must adjust to these changes to stay atop their competition.

Luckily, auction management software was created to give auction companies a helping hand with these changes. Auction management software offers many benefits to auction companies, ultimately making their jobs easier!

At InnovA, we offer an innovative, cloud-based auction management software that allows auction companies to streamline their business while saving time! In this post, we explain how an auction management software can help your company grow and increase your profits!

 Inventory made easy

For auction companies, inventory can fluctuate depending on when you hold events. While inventory numbers increase, it is ultimately harder to manage. With an auction management software like ours at InnovA, you won’t have to worry about mistakes being made within your inventory any longer! With an inventory management system, you will be able to better organize and manage your inventory, and report more accurate information. A system like ours also allows you and any of your employees to access client accounts and inventory sales at any time, from anywhere! Check out our website to learn more about our inventory management services!


Another helpful tool within our auction management software is a customer relationship management system! CRM is becoming more and more popular in every industry, and with our software, you will be able to access and manage your client accounts from anywhere! This makes your job easier and also keeps your customers happy!

Auction Consulting

Another perk of using InnovA’s back office software is that auction consulting services are included! Our auction consultants will help evaluate your business, and give tips and ways on how you can improve. With ever changing technology, auction consulting is becoming more and more popular to help auction companies stay up to date with the new ways of doing things!

 Pricing valuations

Lastly, auction management softwares can help your company come up with the right price valuations. Determining the starting bidding price and market value for auction items can be hard, especially since most of the items auctioned off are used. With InnovA, all of your inventory will go through a pricing evaluation to determine the value in which an item should be sold at. Once this process is complete, you will have an estimated auction or retail value to make additional decisions on the inventory if needed.

As the auction industry continues to constantly change, many auction companies are choosing auction management software to help them stay up to date. Consider purchasing one to help your company stay on top of the industry!