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Scaling an Auction House

Starting and scaling an auction house involves navigating a complex landscape filled with various challenges. These obstacles can range from establishing a solid reputation to managing logistics and regulatory compliance. Below are some of the biggest hurdles that new auction houses face as they strive to grow: Building Trust and Reputation One of the primary […]

The Biggest Challenges Facing an Auction Owner Wanting to Scale Their Business

Scaling an auction business brings exciting opportunities, but also some significant hurdles for the owner to overcome. Here are some of the biggest challenges: Sourcing High-Quality Inventory: Quantity: More auctions require a steady stream of interesting and valuable items to keep buyers engaged. Variety: Expanding your reach might mean attracting a wider range of clientele, […]

Auction Owners Biggest Needs

Auction owners, regardless of the type of auction they run (live, online, charity, etc.), face several key business needs. Here are some of the biggest ones: Attracting and Engaging Bidders: High-quality inventory: Sourcing and securing desirable items that attract a large pool of interested bidders is crucial. Effective marketing and outreach: Reaching the right audience […]

What to Look for in Auction Management Software

Choosing the right auction management software can make a huge difference in the success of your event. With so many options available, it’s important to understand what features matter most. Here are some of the reasons auctioneers are turning to InnovA to manage and scale their auction business. Core Functionality: Cataloging and item management: Look […]